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Hello everyone,

My name is Andrew Caccavale and I’m running for Nye County Clerk.

Election integrity is of paramount importance in America today. Many Americans saw what unfolded in the 2020 presidential election and were left with many unanswered questions.

Mail-in ballots, illegal voter registration, and ballot harvesting are just a few ways that elections can be tampered with.

Challenges were brought forth in the United States courts. We saw the results. After the election fraud has occured, it is nearly impossible to overturn the results.

My objective is to prevent election tampering BEFORE it happens. Restoring the public faith in the vote is of extreme importance.

I was raised in a conservative neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY.

In 1986, I graduated the New York Police Academy. While employed by the NYPD, I attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science. That degree, coupled with 36 years of living in the big city, has given me the skillset and savviness to catch the bad guy before he has acted.

Please vote for me for County Clerk and we will put an end to election tampering once and for all.


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